Update On Ukrainian War With New Facts

As time goes on, Putin’s position becomes more and more precarious. Here’s why: the Russian government has told their people that this is not a war, it is a military operation. That means, the Russian army cannot increase the number of conscript soldiers without admitting that this is really a full out war.

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Around the County

Republicans Are Coming for Medicare and Social Security

Make no mistake about it – between Rick Scott’s agenda that would end the Medicare and Social Security guarantee and Lindsey Graham confirming Republican majorities could go after these critical programs, it’s clear Republicans are laying the groundwork to gut Medicare and Social Security – further raising the stakes of this November’s elections.

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2022 Primary Results

There were 17,742 ballots cast for Democrats in June's Primary Election. Democrats cast 51.3% of all vote by mail ballots cast, beating the Republican vote by mail turnout. Voters in the County, both Democrats and Republicans, cast their ballots for Congressional Districts 2 and 4, County Commissioner, Sheriff, as well as municipal office and County Committee.

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Why Republicans Side with Gun Manufacturers

The story starts with the second amendment and how the founders never could have envisioned the future industrialization of weapon manufacturing in the United States.

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Chairman Earp Welcomes County Committee Members at Orientation

Ocean County Democrats greeted many of the over 500 County Committee members elected in the 2022 Democratic Primary at a series of orientations held across the County. At each orientation, candidates for county committee were introduced to the resources made accessible to County Committee Members for grassroots organizing, discussed the Democratic platform, and reviewed our 2022 Guidebook. 

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Ocean Gate-gate

Ocean Gate Mayor, Paul Kennedy was removed from office in May, 2022 and faces theft charges. His corruption was public, and the all Republican Council Members of Ocean Gate still did nothing.

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Connecting with Democrats in Your Neighborhood

County Committee Members Bob Golon and Judy Berenson were able to craft a message that will energize voters in their district. Ocean County Democrats provided Mr. Golon and Ms. Berenson with encouragement and voter lists that help them reach their intended audience.

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A Message from Matt Jenkins:

Born in New Jersey, raised in Toms River, now residing in Colts Neck, Matthew Jenkins is the heart of Congressional District 4 of New Jersey. Matthew attended public school in the Toms River School DIstrict K-12.  He first attended Ocean County College and spent some time as a substitute teacher before completing his degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.

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The Findings of the January 6 Committee

The findings of the House Jan 6th Committee’s investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, mob attack on the Capitol  by followers of Donald Trump will be presented to the nation in eight (8) separate public hearings spread out over June. The attack on the Capitol, included  white supremacist groups who sought to block the peaceful transfer of power  is also the subject of an extensive criminal probe by the Justice Department.

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