Ocean Gate Mayor, Paul Kennedy was removed from office in May, 2022 and faces theft charges. His corruption was public, and the all Republican Council Members of Ocean Gate still did nothing.

Kennedy took proceeds from the sale of borough assets and kept the money for himself, according to Ocean County Prosecutors. He made sales through government auction website GovDeals.com and kept them for personal benefit. Prosecutors believe that Kennedy kept borough parking meter funds instead of putting them in the Ocean Gate bank account. He allegedly sold borough office furniture on a private Facebook Marketplace account in an attempt to keep the money for himself.

The Republican Council members completely ignored Kennedy's corrupt behavior. In 2014, Kennedy was under fire for the multiple paid positions he was appointed to by council. Members of that same council, like Joella Nicastro (R), saw that voters were concerned about Kennedy in 2014, and did nothing. The Ocean Gate Republican Council cannot be trusted to work in the interest of the voters when they have stood by Kennedy for years.

In Ocean Gate, Democrat Denis Stagliano is going to take back the mayor's seat for the people in Ocean Gate. Democrats James McGrath and Robert Waldron are running alongside Mr. Stagliano to remove the Republicans that put up with avaricious Kennedy. Stagliano and his council team will stand up to the corruption of the Republican Council and restore order.