County Committee Handbook

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WHY COMMITTEE PEOPLE?  - As a Democratic Committee person, you are an important and direct link between all the voters in your district and the Party organization. The Democratic voters elect you to be their party representative. They will listen to your political views because they feel you are more knowledgeable in politics and government. In turn, the Party organization depends upon you to represent them to all the voters in your district. In the Primary, the Democrats of your district expect you to weigh the qualifications and merits of all the Democratic candidates (like – can they win?). They will look to you for advice as to which candidate they should support. In the General Election, it is your responsibility to support the Democratic candidates the voters have chosen in the primary.

THE COMMITTEE PERSON: Participation - You should attend County Committee meetings and participate in party activities. This will help keep you informed and give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other committee people throughout the County. This provides you with the greatest chance to influence both Democratic policy and the selection of county, state and federal candidates.

BE "IN THE KNOW" - Among the things you should have handy are: 1) The names, addresses and phone numbers of your U.S. Senators, Congressman, State Senator and Representative, County, Municipal officials  3) When and where residents can register or change party, as well as election laws, dates and deadlines. 4) Location of County agencies so that you can refer your voters for help with their problems

THE COMMITTEE PEOPLE: Duties, Responsibilities, Suggested Activities A Good Committee person;

1) Knows the district, and as many people in the district as possible. 2) Helps solve local problems 3) Attend Party meetings if possible. 4) Work to increase the number of registered and voting Democrats. 5) Knows the election-day laws. 6) Have party candidate literature and materials handy, ready to promote our candidates as well as having voter registration forms, absentee ballot forms and know the submission date deadlines if someone in your district asks.

THE COMMITTEE PEOPLE: Responsibility to Communicate

By providing information about our candidates and how they can assist in solving problems, we not only win votes, but also encourage voters who saw no reason to vote to come out and support our candidates.  Any action that you take shows the citizens that you are continually interested in serving them and not just soliciting their vote on Election Day. This builds the kind of relationship that you need to succeed.


Here is what you need to get the job done.

1)A district map. 2) A current street list of all the voters in your district and backup lists with phone numbers for Election Day use. 3) Voter registration forms and absentee ballot requests. 4. Candidate campaign literature, candidate biographies, and candidate position papers. 5. Election Calendar. 6. A list of important telephone numbers

Other Areas to participate in:

1.) GOTV(Get Out The Vote) - Assist with activities such as phone banking, dropping literature and coordinating election day activities.  

2.) Candidate Search – Help to seek out candidates for public office based on qualifications, merit, and with an ideology that is consistent with the values of the Democratic Party. Attend and vote at the County Mini Convention which decided who get the Regular Democratic Party line in the primary.

3.) Events and Fund Raising – Help with events and fund-raising activities in the County, City, and Municipalities.

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