There were 17,742 ballots cast for Democrats in June's Primary Election. Democrats cast 51.3% of all vote by mail ballots cast, beating the Republican vote by mail turnout. Voters in the County, both Democrats and Republicans, cast their ballots for Congressional Districts 2 and 4, County Commissioner, Sheriff, as well as municipal office and County Committee.

In Congressional District 2, Tim Alexander and Carolyn Rush were on the ballot. Ms. Rush, an engineer from Cape May County, and a newcomer to electoral politics won 38% of the vote. Tim Alexander, civil rights lawyer and former law enforcement, claimed the nomination. He faces Congressman Jeff Van Drew in November. Van Drew has been a staunch opponent to Biden's agenda, and has voted against stopping the baby formula shortage, against lowering gas prices, and against common sense gun reform. Please visit Tim Alexander's website to learn more about how he will help the people of NJ with his platform. 

Matthew Jenkins ran unopposed in Congressional District 4's Democratic Primary. Matt is a small business owner running against Congressman Chris Smith. Smith faced opposition from the radical "American First" wing of his party, Mike Crispi, who claimed that Smith had cheated to earn his endorsement from the Ocean County Republican Party. Smith faces the challenge of uniting a deeply divided Republican party behind him before November. Democrat Matt Jenkins, however, expressed interest in confronting Smith on the issues of women's rights and the fairness of the economy. You can learn more about Matt Jenkins at his website.

New County Committee members were also elected. Ocean County Democrats seated 536 members of the County Committee. The County Committee is the grassroots body of County-level Democratic organizing. 

Gene Davis ran unopposed for County Sheriff and will appear on the November ballot.

The Democratic Candidates for County Commissioner are Roxanne Barnes and Catherine Paura. Their opponents are incumbent members of the Board of Commissioners, Virginia Haines and John Kelly. Like Republicans around the country, Haines and Kelly want to turn back the clock on voting rights and want to remove Drop Boxes as an option for mail-in voters. This directly threatens the voting rights of Democrats in Ocean County, of whom vote by mail in a greater proportion than Republicans. The all-Republican Board of Commissioners is currently being investigated by the FBI under allegations of pay-for-play and patronage.

For more information about the candidates, read their biographies. If you would like to volunteer for a campaign, reach out to [email protected]

Municipal Democratic Committees around Ocean County ran 9 candidates for municipal offices, all of whom will run for office in November.