Back in 2020, the Trump campaign organized efforts to undermine the electoral process by attempting to pass fake electors in at least 7 different swing states. 

The following video shows a group of Trump supporters trying to enter a state government office building in Lansing, Michigan pretending to be part of the Electoral College which was meeting there to elect the next President. They were impostors with fake papers and summarily rebuffed by building police.

Investigators later found that the Trump campaign allegedly prepared false documents in a national scheme to change the results of the 2020 election. It was found that the falsified documents submitted in each State seemed to have the same signature on them. These documents contained a list of alternative Electoral College ‘members’ that would vote for Trump as President. The plot consisted of replacing the legitimate electors with phony Trump electors to steal the election.

It’s been further revealed that Rudy Giuliani was the one who got this done in 7 states doing whatever paperwork was needed by each one. The Electoral College is chosen by the Governor of each State and such forged documents carry a high penalty. Giuliani is in trouble because Election fraud carries a high penalty. It’s a federal crime from which the old saying “Making a federal case out of It” comes from.

Of course, the irony of the Republican party circulating false documents to vote as a part of the electoral college is that they are the same party that claims that voter ID laws prevent voter fraud. Republicans happily flout the laws that they tout as stalwarts against electoral corruption yet accuse Democrats of subterfuge. As Democrats, it is our duty to stand against these deceitful threats to US democracy and call out hypocrisies where they exist.

These threats against democracy remain ingrained throughout America’s political Right. Mere days after a pro-Trump group invaded the Capitol on January 6th of 2021, federal law enforcement officials went after two high-profile extremist groups. Several members of the Proud Boys, a far-right nationalist organization, and the Oath Keepers, a fascist militia, were arrested on charges of plotting to interfere with the certification of the 2020 vote count and with federal charges of conspiracy against the US government. These groups were on standby, awaiting direction from their leader, Donald Trump, to storm the capitol, investigators say. 

Whether it be from the Republican party themselves or through fascist militias that hope to achieve the same goals as the Republican party, the political right has apparently abandoned their zealous defense of democracy, instead resorting to insurrection and chicanery to obtain power. While the Democratic portfolio of ideologies is vastly diverse, we consistently believe that America’s strength, and our power to represent the will of the people, resolves in the integrity of our democracy.

Andrew Prudente


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