Over one year after his initial victory, Democrat George Rutzler is competing in a special election to hold onto his seat in the South Toms River Council. 

Residents of South Toms River can expect to start what will be a year of decisive elections sooner than expected, thanks to a December court ruling calling for a Special Election for South Toms River Council. Residents of this small municipality due south of Toms River will cast their ballots on March 15th – more than 16 months after the election was originally held in November 2020.


Democratic Candidate George Rutzler had won that 2020 election by two votes.  After Mr. Rutzler had served four months on Council, a judge ruling that the election had been tied. Ocean County Democrats and South Toms River Democrats are working to get out the vote  in South Toms River and win.


Key issues in this campaign include the town’s mismanagement of police contracts, which has increased police turnover rates, and the Republican council members’ misguided approval of an apartment complex that granted a 30-year tax break for developers. Democrat George Rutzler hopes that a decisive victory will strengthen the community by spending municipal tax dollars with the benefit of the community, not the private developers, in mind.

With the election approaching in just over a month, Ocean County Democrats are looking for volunteers who are willing and able to make phone calls, knock on doors, and deliver literature to residents in South Toms River. Please reach out to [email protected] if interested.