Since the start of the pandemic the exploitation of workers by large corporations while CEOs rake in millions has been at the forefront of conversations about economic fairness in the United States. Public awareness of union activity has since increased, and the rate at which unions are forming in New Jersey has also increased. With a resurgence in labor not seen since the 1930s, Democrats have an opportunity to pitch our platform that prioritizes workers' rights to a rapidly unionizing middle class.

47 Starbucks stores across 17 states have voted to unionize, including the Hopewell, Hamilton, and Summit stores in NJ. Workers at an Amazon facility in neighboring Statin Island voted recently to unionize. New Jersey's unionization rate is 0.66%, to a three year average of 16.09%. NJ 3-year unionization rate is 6.6% up.

On the topic of unions Chairman Wyatt Earp of the Ocean County Democrats said, "[something about unions and how workers rights are central to the democratic platform]" Chairman Earp is also, [union credentials].

(The State of Labor in NJ - Boyle & Vachone)