MacArthur Refuses to Denounce McConnell's Attack on Medicare and Social Security

Leisuretown, NJ — The Andy Kim for Congress campaign released the following statement today after the Leisuretowne candidates forum, which was held last night:

 “Tuesday, Mitch McConnell told the American people how Republicans plan to pay for the massive tax breaks they gave to the wealthy: by cutting Medicare and Social Security. Last night, Tom MacArthur had the opportunity to denounce those comments, but instead, MacArthur pretended that he didn’t hear them,” said Kim Campaign spokesman Forrest Rilling. “One has to wonder whether that has anything to do with Paul Ryan traveling to New Jersey to fundraise for him this week — the same Paul Ryan that also suggested cutting Medicare and Social Security; the same Paul Ryan that MacArthur worked with to impose what AARP called an 'Age Tax' on older Americans and gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. MacArthur had the opportunity to show whose side he’s on, and once again, he chose Ryan, McConnell, and corporate special interests over seniors in our community.”

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