The Earp/Mammano team extends its heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us and voted to secure our victory last night. We are honored to accept the mantle of leading the Ocean County Democratic party for the next 4 years. We understand the magnitude of this responsibility, especially as the nation is at a tipping point, when the nature and direction of our fragile democracy will be decided. We take this responsibility to heart and pledge to do our best  to strengthen the Democratic party in Ocean County. 


So many passionate Democrats participated in this election - turn-out was around 90%. This demonstrates just how much Democrats in Ocean County care about our party. We may have different ideas of how to make progress, but in the end we are all united by our belief in the Democratic party’s principles of justice, empowerment, and equality. 


We commend our opponents for their hard fought battle and strongly run campaign. We know in the heat of a campaign it is common to make stark comparisons between candidates and to forego nuance in favor of black and white characterizations. But that time has passed. We recognize all of the positive contributions our opponents have made, and hope to work with them, and all who supported them, to strengthen and grow the party. 


If we harness the energy generated by this election and turn it toward our common goal of electing Democrats, there’s no limit to what we might accomplish over the next four years.