When November 06, 2020 at 6:00pm 2 days

JOIN TEAM JOE BIDEN, Kamala Harris and supporters from all across the nation for an election reflections discussion!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris went head-to-head with Donald Trump and Michael Pence to debate the critical issues facing the country!  We cheered Joe Biden and Kamala Harris together throughout the campaign and debates. During the campaign, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made sure that we know exactly what they stand for, what they believe, and what they will do to transform the nation. This is the week that we as a nation benefit from all the labor towards a well-earned success.

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Days/Times For Sign up:

Fri 11/6: 8-10pm EST

Sat 11/7: 8-10pm EST

Sun 11/8: 8-10pm EST