2022 County Candidates


Roxanne Barnes, Candidate for Ocean County Commissioner

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Roxanne Barnes, the Democratic Candidate for Ocean County Commissioner, is a businesswoman, pastor of 35 years, and community leader. Barnes founded the United International Association, an organization with a global congregation that promotes ethical entrepreneurship under her leadership.

Barnes founded the Newlife Counseling Center, where she works as a professional substance abuse and anger management family counselor. Barnes also worked with community members affected by HIV on managing their condition, and instructed students in higher education on case management. As a community leader, she focuses on getting people the help they deserve, and in doing so has maintained relationships with Union County and the State of NJ.

For her work helping communities through her counseling work across New Jersey, Barnes was awarded “Outstanding Community Service” by Mayor John McCormac (D-Woodbridge) in 2014 and again by Mayor Ras Baraka (D-Newark) in 2016. Barnes has served as a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Ambassador to the United Nations for her business and clergy affairs. Barnes is a member of the NAACP.

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Catherine Paura, Candidate for Ocean County Commissioner

Catherine Paura, running for Ocean County Commissioner, was the chairman and CEO of Capstone Global Marketing and Research, Inc. She oversees worldwide market research and consulting for a wide range of products with a special emphasis on movies, entertainment and leisure time. She was co-founder and chairman of National Research Group, the market planning and research firm which serviced all the studios and major producers in Hollywood for 25 years.

Since retiring from her career in research marketing, she leverages her professional expertise as an educator. Paura is a certified executive coach, helping people recovering from addiction, recent college graduates, and management obtain entrepreneurial life skills. Paura has worked in Ocean County as an ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor, helping immigrant communities become better adjusted within American society.

Paura is a friend to the arts and the community: she has a Masters of Arts in History and a Bachelor of Sociology from St. Mary University, where she later went on to establish the Masters in Fine Arts program. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars), the Marketing Committee Chair for the LA Opera House, and has produced two films (Mannequin, 1987 and Joyful Noise, 2012). She served on the Board of Directors for The Rape Treatment Foundation and the UCLA Hospital Advisory Board. Paura previously ran for Ocean County Commissioner in 2021.



Sal Frascino, Candidate for Ocean County Sheriff

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Sal Frascino, the Democratic Candidate for Ocean County Sheriff, brings to his candidacy a lifetime of experience in law enforcement. Frascino began his career as a police officer in Jersey City, where he worked in the Special Patrol Bureau before being promoted to Detective in the Narcotics Unit. 

 Frascino later worked as a Task Force Officer with the DEA under the United States Department of Justice, where he was actively involved in undercover work with Special Agents and U.S. Attorneys in an effort to develop cases against high-level narcotic-related violators. 

 Frascino lives in Lakewood and currently serves as a School Resource Officer. By being responsible for de-escalating hostile situations between students and developing safety procedures against potential threats to schools, Frascino is on the front lines of school safety and crime prevention. As Sheriff, Frascino would be coordinating with school districts and local law enforcement agencies to continue this work at a greater level.

 Due to his passion for improving the lives and safety of others, Sal Frascino is running for Ocean County Sheriff to continue an impressive and selfless career in public service.